McGill Dentistry in the Montréal Community

The McGill Outreach Program is one of a kind. As Quebec’s only completely mobile dental clinic, dental chairs and lights, sterilization equipment and dental instruments are packed into a truck and transported around the city to provide free dental care to individuals living in poverty. McGill dental students, dentists, as well as many volunteers made it possible to hold a total of 14 mobile clinics last year on the island of Montreal. Four additional clinics were held at the Montreal General Hospital, where students were able to perform more elaborate procedures such as radiographic diagnosis as well as fillings, and tooth extractions. 


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In 2016, 

· Over 5,208 patients have received more than 31,463 procedures;

· A total of $933,735 worth of free care has been provided and $2,346,224 worth of dental care has been provide at half-cost

· The Faculty partners with approximately 25 community organizations in Montreal to deliver the Program’s services

Photos of our Mobile Clinic

The Jim Lund Dental Clinic at Welcome Hall Mission is the newest addition to the outreach program. A permanent satellite clinic open 3 days a week, where McGill students and residents, overseen by the Faculty of Dentistry, provide free, basic dental care to recent immigrants, the disabled, the elderly, and low income families.

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